We care about having a Center that, besides being our main logistic platform, also allows us to train Angolan staff

With the objective of guaranteeing the totality of materials and qualified workers assigned to each project, a Logistics and Training Center was set up for two essential areas of activity.

Storage, Processing and Transportation

A stock of materials was created to assist national wide operations connected to the company’s two biggest business units – Energy and Transportation – supported by services dedicated to the area of processing and transport of goods.

A Training center was created to support skills development, with integrated training in the various areas where the company operates. The Training Center represents one of the investments that Aenergy is most proud of, because it aims to be a national reference, but especially for the entire African continent.

E-STATION, located in Viana, Luanda, has an area of ​​approximately 15,000 m2 and had an investment of 65 M dollars.
This is one of Aenergy’s greatest contribution to rise the response of excellency across its entire line of operation by providing an integrated service of reference that also enables to strengthen its relations with customers, partners and suppliers.